About the Conference

As a Catholic man of faith, have you taken time to assess your spiritual life and develop disciplines that bring you closer to the Lord? Now is the time to consider joining us for our Fourth Annual Road to Emmaus Men’s Conference. You will find an atmosphere of camaraderie among other Catholic men that will serve to promote growth in holiness and knowledge. The disciples on the Road to Emmaus did not immediately recognize the presence of Christ among them. It was only after He prayed and broke bread with them that their hearts burned within. We too are called to more fully recognize the presence of Christ in our daily lives. The actions of Christ in our life will become more evident as our spiritual life develops through prayer. This conference will explore the centrality our of Holy Catholic Church and it's doctrines. The organic growth and development of doctrine will be explored, as elucidated by Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman.  We shall provide an inspirational environment and tools to help us to grow in holiness.